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  I'll Hang with God, but Not Today : A Dub Ditch Picnic Benefit Release Dub Ditch Picnic 2014 Voice Bubble
  Music Works 101 Music Works Magazine 2008 or blunderspublik and 3x3is9
(w/ chris bryan)
  Cities Beneath the See Under See
2007 Vitamesse (2001)
  I'm Somebody Too! Campfirecords 2004 Melodious Thunk!
  SFEECD10 sfeericle records 2003 Infinite Array of Touch
  Tensile Labile Music 2003 Quasimotif
  Somebody Needs a Timeout Campfirecords 2002 Sounds Exciting!
  In Between:
The Sound of Music
Video Pool 2001

Peak & Pell

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