albums, remixes, compilations Albums Compilations
Tim Hoover More Napkins Woven Records 2011 Numbers (Blunderspublik RMX)
Les Jupes If This is the Light Head in the Sand 2010 If This is the Light - Blunderspublik remix
Olivier Messiaen n/a CBC Radio 2 2009 Woodlark Remix
vitaminsforyou Flesh Python 12" sfeericle records 2008 Flesh Python - Beige Boa Remix
vitaminsforyou Desole Monsieur Soliel... intr_version 2004 It's Only Snow - It's Only Sunshine
ubctlf a burning lego
Los Angeles
sfeericle records 2002 the lego coastline
Giant Sons Consonance independent / G7 2002 Pronouncing the motive for the dark over fields and foothills

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